Chyrsanthemum Spoon Ring-Sterling Silver sz 12

Chyrsanthemum Spoon Ring-Sterling Silver sz 12

Lulu LaRock

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Beautiful Chrysanthemum Sterling Silver Spoon Ring Size 12, heavy, reproduced from antique spoon.  Size 12, Adjustable wrap style.  I collect many antique and vintage pieces to reproduce for others pleasure.  This ring is sure to please.  

The Chrysanthemum is a member of the daisy family with many varieties and colors.  November: Chrysanthemum stands for cheerfulness and love.  According to Feng Shui, Chrysanthemums bring happiness and laughter in the house.  Chrysanthemum tea is a flower-based infusion beverage made from chrysanthemum flowers of the species Chrysanthemum morifolium or Chrysanthemum indicum, which are most popular in East Asia, especially China. To prepare the tea, chrysanthemum flowers (usually dried).

Popular in Asian art, the beautiful Spider Chrysanthemums have petals that are long, narrow strands covering the entire face of the flower. The drooping legs resemble spider legs, giving the flower its common name. There are several varieties of spider mums, producing different colors and sizes of blooms each spring.