Fundraising Bracelet-Heart4HandsNPaws

Lulu LaRock

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Hearts for hands and paws is a fundraising effort to place service/and or emotional support animals dogs with the disabled. Recipients are those diagnosed with physical and/or mental illnesses.  A facility that is inclusive in regards to the most needy will have more opportunity to benefit from this fundraising effort.  This means anyone may be considered, military and civilians of any age.   These dogs cost thousands of dollars to raise and train, even with the help of volunteers.  The donations and purchases will go to a training facility chosen by the purchaser of these items.  

Rescues who work with these facilities by finding puppies or young dogs who may qualify as one of these special dogs, can also receive donations.  If there is no preference, a facility will be chosen In their area, based on need.   All profits will go to these facilities.  Rescues and no-kill shelters may purchase bracelets wholesale when signed up to split their profit between their facility and a training facility.  Training facilities and other businesses who are involved may also purchase wholesale. 

Bracelets are in production and available beginning October 2018.  Image shows is computer generated until we get the first sample.  The detail/logo in black and white graphics are shown to get a good idea of the design.  We are offering them on olive green cords at this time, but will soon be offered in other colors.  The bead and cap ends are sterling silver and the braided cord made of cotton.  Pre-Order now to be the first to get these awesome bracelets and help with our cause.